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It doesn't stop here. Here are some more great sites where you can explore different careers. We've rated them, found the pros and cons, and even provided examples of our favorite profiles.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics

Explore careers based on the school subjects you like or are good at.

Pros: Includes salary information, related jobs, and how to get ready for the job.

Cons: They only list 4-6 careers per interest. There are still so many more options! Plus, each profile is a lot of tiny text.

Example: The profile for doctor includes information on how many jobs are available and links to related careers.


A more technical website for older students.

Overall Rating: 3.9/5

Pros: The website has a fun environment. You can browse through their suggested careers or just search.

Cons: It links to a website with more advanced language. There are few pictures. It's not very interactive.

Example: This profile has lots of information on related careers and education.


Some information is only relevant to California.

Overall Rating: 3.9/5

Pros: You can search by category or take a survey to find out which careers you might be interested in. There's a lot of good information. Plus, you can make a profile and save what you find.

Cons: It's a very long survey, and some of the information is only relevant if you live in California.

Example: This profile has lots of information on related careers and education.

Drive Your Life

Customize and drive a car to explore careers based on your interests.

Overall Rating: 4.1/5

Pros: It's very interactive, like a videogame. The language isn't too jargony for middle school. There is a lot of general information.

Cons: You have to give your email address to see the site. There are many steps to go through before you can just look up a profile.

Example: Check out the profile for "Computer Programmer." It shows you which classes to take in high school and a typical day. It's well put-together.

Lists career information based on if you're in K-5, 6-8, and more.

Thanks for the tip by Yasmine, age 13!

My Future

Has information about colleges and the military


Only free to access if you have taken PLAN or another college board test


Shows how different math/science careers are related to NASA