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Statisticians use what they know about math and statistics to design surveys and experiments. They collect data, analyze the results and then report their findings. Statisticians can apply what they know to a wide variety of different fields including medicine, psychology, sports, politics and science.


The average statistician made between $52,730 and $95,170 in 2008.


    High School:

  • Statistics
  • Math Classes
  • Computer Classes
  • Science Classes

    After High School:

  • Most statistician jobs require a master's degree in statistics or mathematics
  • Some such as research or academic positions also require a Ph.D. in math or statistics

Work Environment

Statisticians work regular hours in offices, except occasionally when deadlines require extra time.

Daily Tasks

  • Collect data from samples
  • Design experiments and surveys
  • Decide what the best way to carry out an experiment or survey is
  • Look fr patters and trends in the collected data


  • Discover new facts about populations
  • Have your findings published in scientific journals


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